LYST - Dreaming up LYST of the future to drive investment


Project Info

LYST - Dreaming up LYST of the future to drive investment
Who they are:
LYST is a London-based fashion platform (app and web), where users can shop all the internet’s fashion in one place.
The LYST product team needed to show important stakeholders a version of LYST that could exist within the next 5 years under the current product vision.
Create key future-driven user journeys across the app. Amongst the 6-person design team, I was tasked with settings, order history, content formatting, checkout and rewards.
Research methods:
User interviews, competitor analysis

Set project goals

Understanding our mission 🙏🏻

While a design sprint encompassing a revamp of our entire app can appear daunting, we knew that having a clear overarching focus (while aligning specific designers with key user journeys), would be key to providing something amazing that our product managers can share with the world.

Key goals:

✔️  Identify key user journeys to improve for a futuristic version of LYST

✔️  Deliver a product that could potentially be built within the next 5 years

Evaluate current experience

Assigned areas 👩🏫

Amongst the 5-person design team, I was assigned 4 areas of the app to explore over a two-week period (alongside managing BAU design work at LYST). Given my interests in information architecture, checkout flows, content and customer loyalty, I chose the 5 below areas to focus on.

✔️  Settings

✔️  Order history

✔️  Rewards

✔️  Checkout

✔️  New ways to display editorial content

Evaluating the journey 🛣️

Since these user journeys currently do not exist in the LYST app (with exception to the settings page), I was essentially starting from scratch. To start sketching

my ideas, I wanted to look to competitors and see what patterns users are used to.

Design process

How I achieved my goals

Reflection 🪞

While this project is currently ongoing, the design sprint was deemed a success company-wide.

How we achieved our goal so far:

✔️ Through sharing this work with investors, LYST raised $85 million

✔️ Through sharing our design thinking behind different aspects of the LYST journey, product were able

to better prioritize what we address first in the roadmap

✔️ In the sprint, we created new reusable components that have been added to our design system

Next steps

What do we do now? ❓

✔️ Address the key areas (such as checkout) in our upcoming roadmap

✔️ Use this design sprint work as part of overhauling the greater aesthetic vision of LYST

Impact 🚀

  • £60 million successful funding round for LYST 
  • 5 new hires in the design team
  • Greater presence of design in strategic product meetings